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377 Successful Way,  SpartanburgSC 29303

The Islamic Society of Spartanburg is an independent non-profit organization. Masjid provides place for Muslims to pray, get education about Islam and meet other Muslims in the area.


            Spartanburg Masjid Mosque

Ja'far ibn abi Talib explanation of Islam to King Najashee

 'O King, at first we were among the ignorant. We and our ancestors had turned from the faith of Abraham, who, with Ishmael, rebuilt the Kabah and worshipped only Allah.

We used idols in our worship of Allah; we ate meat that had not been killed in the right way; we did not respect the rights of our neighbors; the strong took advantage of the weak. We did terrible things of which I dare not speak.

This was our life until Allah sent a Messenger from among us, one of our relatives, whom we have always known to be honest, innocent, and faithful. He asked us to worship only Allah, and to give up the bad customs of our forefathers.

He asked us to be truthful and trustworthy, to respect and help our neighbors, to honor our families, and to put a stop to our bad deeds and endless fighting. He asked us to look after orphans. He ordered us not to slander or speak evil of women or men.

He ordered us to worship Allah alone and not to worship anyone or anything else alongside Him. He ordered us to pray, to give alms, and to fast. We believe he is right and therefore we follow him and do as he has commanded us.

The Meccans began to attack us and come between us and our religion. So we had to leave our homes and we have come to you, hoping to find justice.'